MOMS Orange County honors 2010 Mother of the Year, Nancy Saldana, for her steadfast commitment to her baby’s healthy growth and development.

During her time as a MOMS Orange County client, Nancy and her husband, Ricardo, sought every opportunity to be informed and educated about their baby’s growth and their roles as parents.  As a former kindergarten teacher, Nancy especially enjoyed learning about her baby’s development while meeting other expectant moms.  Nancy and Ricardo attended every MOMS Orange County class together and were both present during monthly home visits with Jessica, their Maternal Child Health Coordinator.

“Ricardo and I were committed to going through the experience together and for him to have a very active role,” Nancy shares, “While I was pregnant, we read to little Ricky every night because I wanted to give my baby a healthy start.  I knew that he felt everything I felt and wanted to be healthy.”

On November 23, 2008, after much anticipation, Nancy and Ricardo welcomed Ricardo Medina II, also known as little Ricky, their healthy baby boy.

Like many new mothers, Nancy was ecstatic about her new role but also experienced feelings of isolation and loneliness coping with a new baby.  Struggling to find a community and her sense of self, Nancy found the support and information she needed through MOMS Orange County.  Nancy took each home visit, group class and support group session as an opportunity to equip herself as a parent.  On top of that, after participating in her first MOMS Mommy & Me infant development class, Nancy took the initiative to form a play group in her own neighborhood to continue building upon the support and community she had found at MOMS Orange County.

Ricardo, Nancy’s husband, has also been a strong support for Nancy. He attended every class with her and participated in the Workshop for New Dads (Taller Para Papas).

“In the “New Dads Workshop”, it was really good to meet and hear from fathers who came back to share their experiences with us. They let us know that it would be a lot of work but completely worth it–and to enjoy our sleep because we’d miss it!  And boy, do I ever!”

Ricardo laughs and goes on, “But on a more serious note, I learned that raising a child isn’t just about the mom, but it’s a partnership between the both of us.  In everything, I want to put my family first and always make time for my wife and baby.”

Jessica, Nancy’s Maternal Child Health Coordinator shares, “Every month I was excited to visit Nancy, Ricardo and Ricky because they really took in the information that I gave them and tried to implement it in their daily lives. It was wonderful to see how our work together was creating a healthy beautiful baby.”

MOMS Orange County is proud to honor Nancy Saldana as its 2010 Mother of the Year at its Healthy Beginnings, Bright Futures Luncheon & Awards Presentation on Friday, May 7, 2010.

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