Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian’s Community Medicine Department

In 2008, MOMS Orange County established the Dottie Andrews Leadership in Maternal Child Health in honor of its Founder for her lifetime of service and her impact on the health and well-being of mothers, children and families in Orange County.  The award is given annually to an individual or group in recognition of exceptional leadership in the area of maternal child health in Orange County.

This year, MOMS Orange County is honored to recognize Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian’s Community Medicine Department for its service to the community.Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, located in Newport Beach, California, is a full-service, not-for-profit community medical center serving Southern California and the surrounding area for more than 50 years. Hoag Hospital has long been committed to the community.  Hoag Hospital supports programs and organizations in the community that are targeted at improving the community’s overall health primarily through disease prevention and health promotion.  Hoag Hospital plays an active role in securing additional collaborative to continually develop, enhance and coordinate services available in the community, especially those for vulnerable and disadvantaged populations.   Hoag’s commitment to the well-being of area residents extends well beyond the borders of its hospital and health centers and into the lives of many who may never even pass through the hospital doors.

The Community Medicine Department provides free programs to assist the underserved in the community. These include Community Case Management, Community Mental Health Services, Health Ministries Coordination, and Project Wipeout.  Community Medicine Department grants support Hoag Health Associates—organizations that provide a broad range of services which serve the community.

MOMS Orange County honors Hoag Hospital’s Community Medicine Department with its Dottie Andrews Leadership in Maternal Child Health Award for reaching out to its neighbors and helping to ensure proper health care for those who are truly in need.

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