MOMS Orange County is pleased to be one of the first Orange County non-profits to partner with GroundWork group, an expert nonprofit IT provider

Launched in 2005, GroundWork group is an Ohio-based nonprofit that provides affordable information management, education and technology services to nonprofits so that they can focus their efforts on the most important elements of their mission.  GroundWork group’s arrival to Orange County was a result of a technology assessment of Orange County non-profits initiated by a convening of Orange County funders, non-profit leaders and technology professionals.GroundWork group supports more than 200 nonprofits to achieve their mission through a model that educates nonprofits about the critical role technology can play in the day-to-day operations and development of their community-targeted business.  Additionally, GroundWork group offers a variety of cost-effective IT solutions.

GroundWork group is helping MOMS complete a comprehensive IT evaluation to assess current and future IT needs as well as make recommendations to help MOMS plan and implement technology enhancements.

As Shelly Hoss, President of the Orange County Community Foundation, shares in a recent Orange County Business Journal Viewpoint column, “The budget constraints faced by most nonprofits severely limit their access to technology and support, which means they limp along with outdates, inefficient systems that absorb previous human resources which could be better applied to their mission.” Click here to read full column.

Like most nonprofits, MOMS Orange County acknowledges that effective use of IT can make a difference in our work but oftentimes, do not have the resources to focus on those elements.

“At MOMS Orange County, our expertise is in caring for mothers and babies.  Yet, we recognize that technology plays a very important role in our work,” said Pamela Pimentel, RN, CEO of MOMS Orange County.  “With any nonprofit business, having the ability to utilize available technology to increase capacity and improve efficiencies is critical to improving the quality of care and subsequently, the quality of life for the families we serve.  We depend on specialists like GroundWork group who understand the nuances of nonprofits and can help us be strategic in our use of technology.  We are very excited about working with GroundWork group.  Their expertise will strengthen MOMS Orange County and help us to fulfill our mission of helping families have healthy babies!”

Click here to read about MOMS in GroundWork group’s recent newsletter