MOMS Orange County received $18,000 from the Irvine Health Foundation under its Technology/IT Initiative to support technology enhancements which increase capacity and data security.

Like many non-profits serving their communities in this rapidly advancing world of information access and social networks, technology is an integral part of MOMS Orange County operations.  Serving 3,700 new mothers and their families each year, MOMS Orange County relies on technology to bring efficiency to its service delivery model– from data collection and outcomes reporting to fundraising, marketing and general business operations.

“Our organization is committed to help change and improve health and the delivery of heath care services throughout Orange County,” said Edward Kacic, President of Irvine Health Foundation, “One way we make that commitment a reality is by providing funding for technology improvements  to expand capacity and strengthen the infrastructure of organizations such as MOMS Orange County.”

At MOMS Orange County, a client’s length of service can last as long as 18 months.  Each client’s demographic information, monthly assessment results, care plans, referrals, and outcomes are entered and tracked in a central database.  MOMS Orange County health coordinators and clinical staff depend on the accuracy and immediate availability of this data to make clinical recommendations and provide the best possible care to clients.

“In these trying times, MOMS needs to operate as efficiently as possible with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of care and availability of services to low-income mothers and their babies to improve birth and infant health outcomes,” said Pamela Pimentel, CEO of MOMS Orange County, “The Irvine Health Foundation grant allows MOMS Orange County to produce outcomes data with greater speed and efficiency which, in turn, allows more time for direct client services.”

About Irvine Health Foundation

The Irvine Health Foundation (IHF) is a non-profit grant making foundation dedicated to improving the health of our community.  From its inception in 1985, IHF has consistently dedicated resources toward new programs and innovative endeavors. IHF’s efforts are designed to meet the currently unmet health care needs, ensure the availability of accessible, quality health-related services, deal with health policy issues, and support research designed to develop new knowledge in areas related to health.