Study Finds Early Childhood Links to Disparities in Obesity Rates (Pediatrics, March 2010 via Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

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From study abstract: Racial and ethnic differences in risk factors for obesity exist prenatally and in early childhood.  Racial/ethnic disparities in childhood obesity may be determined by factors that operate at the earliest stages of life.

Direct link to study: Racial/Ethnic Differences in Early-Life Risk Factors for Childhood Obesity (Pediatrics, March 2010)

Link to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation summary of study findings

New Gestational Diabetes Guidelines Could Find More Women at Risk (Diabetes Care, March 2010 via LA Times Blog)

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Researchers discovered that a fasting blood sugar level of 92 or higher, a one-hour level of 180 or higher on a glucose tolerance test or a two-hour level of 153 or higher on a glucose tolerance test may present grave risks to both mother and child. Before, these numbers were believed to be in the normal range.

If healthcare providers go by these levels, far more pregnant women could be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.