Many ER visits avoidable in Orange County (OC Register Blog)

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The county’s Health Care Agency says that nearly half of all hospital emergency room visits were unnecessary, according to a study released Wednesday. The figure was even higher for babies, with nearly 70 percent of visits that could have been treated elsewhere.

MOMS Orange County recognizes that for many families, the combination of not recognizing symptoms to illness and not knowing when to contact the physician can contribute to a higher rate of ER visits.  During home visits, MOMS Orange County distributes digital thermometers and the book, What to Do When Your Child is Sick.  Families are also shown how to take their baby’s temperature and how to use the book as a resource tool.

In addition, MOMS Orange County educates its client families to more effectively communicate their health concerns with their baby’s primary doctor to avoid unnecessary ER visits.  These measures have been extremely effective and are a cost savings of thousands of dollars to the community.