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New Pregnancy & Diabetes Classes

In the Fall of 2010, MOMS Orange County began piloting a series of prevention-based classes in conjunction with its Pregnancy & Diabetes program taught by a bilingual Diabetes Coordinator.  The comprehensive curriculum ranges from guiding clients on how to control fat and sugar intake and creating a meal plan for oneself and family to overcoming [Read More]

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MOMS Pregnancy & Diabetes Program

MOMS Orange County’s Pregnancy and Diabetes prevention model uses in-home health coordination and education to raise self-awareness about diabetes risk and management and promote healthy habits through lifestyle change.  Gestational diabetes is high blood glucose level that starts during pregnancy in women who have never had diabetes and can negatively affect the fetus.  Babies born [Read More]

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Snag a deal, support MOMS!

On January 24, 2011, MOMS Orange County is partnering with to raise much needed funds.  If you haven't heard of DealGooder yet, it’s a new website that gives deal lovers and socially conscious shoppers savings up to 80% on restaurants, spas, tickets and more.  The best part is that on top of offering really [Read More]

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