I first learned of this wonderful program by attending Lamaze classes at a local hospital. It excited me to know there was such an organization with such valuable information for me as a first time mom. I got signed up immediately. I have never regretted that I did!

Lupe, who was my MOMS home visitor, became such an encouragement and help to my husband and me. She helped me by problem-solving unique challenges I faced due to the fact that I am in a wheelchair. This reassured me there was someone there to lean on and help me find resources that I was searching for.

I always looked forward to my monthly visit from Lupe and gaining all the helpful knowledge she provided in the stages I was experiencing at that time — whether it was through my pregnancy or experiencing our baby girl, Madison, through her first year of life. Lupe let me know what to expect and gave me a fitting toy and useful resources and activities for whatever stage Madison was in.

She also referred me to the MOMS Mommy & Me classes, and the teacher, Gaby became a very dear friend of mine and a cheerleader for all of us moms. Ms. Gaby had planned activities to help our children grow and develop in a fun, loving way for both children and the parents. That was a weekly class that I always could not wait for! We participated in developmental activities like singing and artwork and learned different developmental stages our children will be going through and how to guide them through these processes. Plus we made friendships with other mothers and babies. I made a great friend there with her baby and husband and now our daughters enjoy playing together!

Just knowing there was a professional organization to go to for extra advice or resources gave me added reassurance and confidence. I see how even my husband has benefited from this program for he too learned information to help us care for Madison in a helpful and healthy way.

I am so willing and committed to share with every mother or expecting mom about the benefits this great organization has to offer. I am so happy it has been a part of my life and my journey into motherhood.