About MOMS Orange County


In realizing our VISION for healthy babies, empowered mothers and strong families throughout Orange County.

In pursuing our MISSION to help mothers and their families have healthy babies by providing health coordination, education and access to community services.

In DELIVERING A BRIGHT DESTINY for families and making childbirth and parenting healthier, richer, and easier for moms and dads through the healthiest possible start in life for their babies.


MOMS Orange County joins the voices of all who are deeply troubled by racism, inequality and injustice in all its forms.

As an organization, we were founded to increase access to quality prenatal care for women who, because of skin color or low-income, face worse maternal and birth outcomes than the general population. For 30 years, we have partnered with mothers, fathers and their babies during the earliest years, removing barriers to equitable health care access, and along the way surrounding them with love and dignity, believing in the inherent worth of each member of our colorful, incredible human race. We stand together with all of those voices which are now being heard to enact change and move towards equality for all. We pledge to continue to serve each member of our community with the mission goal of helping families have healthy babies.

MOMS Orange County Quick Facts

Programs Offered: In-home Maternal Child Health Care Coordination and group Health Education Classes. All Virtual Since March 2020

Target Population: Low-income pregnant women and their families.

Geographic Area Served: Orange County, CA.

Families Served Annually
Annual Budget

2020 Service Highlights

Home Visits
Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) Infant Development Screenings
Home Safety / Parenting Screenings


Since 1992, MOMS Orange County (a 501(c)3 non-profit organization) has provided free access to prenatal care, health screenings, infant development screenings, health education and referral services through monthly home visits and group classes. We currently serve more than 2,500 low-income families annually and have proudly demonstrated, through rigorous outside evaluation, that our program brings children in a highly disadvantaged population to health and developmental levels that exceed those set by the general population.

MOMS Orange County grew out of a public-private partnership created to help solve a severe prenatal health crisis among low-income women in Orange County. Our founder, Dottie Andrews, held town forums on the issue that then led to a task force convened by the Orange County Board of Supervisors – and ultimately to Dottie and a group of committed volunteers forming what is now MOMS Orange County.

MOMS Orange County is honored to be featured in “An Inside Look At The Children And Families Commission Of Orange County” which highlights the many ways in which the Commission has leveraged collective resources to better meet the challenges associated with keeping children healthy and ready to learn.

25 Year Retrospective

In 1989, a crisis in prenatal care existed in Orange County. Newspaper headlines spoke of overcrowding at UCI Medical Center’s labor and delivery units – one of the only hospitals to accept low-income, pregnant women. Those headlines drew attention to the need for changes in how we make services available to populations who are at-risk for adverse outcomes for both mom and baby.   Ultimately, positive changes did result.   The creation of MOMS Orange County in 1992 was one of those positive changes. So in light of this milestone anniversary year, we commissioned a review reflecting the perinatal conditions existing in Orange County 25 years ago, and compared them with current issues and conditions affecting moms and babies.

Our organization and its tireless staff and dedicated volunteers have been recognized by the Health Care Agency of Orange County; the Children and Families Commission of Orange County; the California Department of Health Services; and the U.S. Congress for our innovative work and impact on the health of women and babies in our community.