Helping mothers deliver their babies as healthy as possible and teaching them to stimulate strong infant development.

MOMS Orange County delivers high impact Home Visits and Group Classes that result in healthier mothers and babies.

Under nurse supervision our home visitors deliver women access to prenatal care, health screenings, health education, infant development screenings, and resource referral services beginning in early pregnancy and through baby’s first birthday.

Our in-home program is especially valuable for mothers and families isolated from the resources and social supports that help prevent birth complications and poor health conditions for their children.

In our classes health educators use interactive components to engage and equip mothers and their partners with the knowledge and skills needed for each stage of pregnancy and during the early development of their infant.  Mommy and Me classes are designed to also encourage mothers to foster individual support networks.

Increasing the Chances of A Healthy Baby

MOMS Orange County programs are aimed at disrupting the combined dynamics of poverty, lack of health insurance, and barriers to care.  These dynamics often lead to impaired maternal and infant health at birth.  Many local women are at higher risk for gestational diabetes, maternal depression and pre-term labor, increasing the likelihood of delivering a sick baby with medical complications and contributing to delayed cognitive development.

During pregnancy, our programs address factors that increase the chances of delivering a healthy baby. After birth, the focus of support is on promoting the infant’s healthy development and mother’s well-being. Key topics include:

  • Infant care
  • Breastfeeding and nutrition
  • Infant health and development
  • Immunizations
  • Importance of a medical home

Ensuring favorable health conditions during pregnancy and the critical first year of an infant’s development contributes to preventing long-term consequences for families such as delayed development, high medical costs, poor grades in school, high teen pregnancy rates, high rates of gang affiliation, unemployment, and continued poverty.

Program Results

27% reduction in odds of NICU stay
93% babies on track with immunizations
98% babies on track for developmental milestones