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Nurtured Mothers, Thriving Babies – Yerika’s Story

We were not prepared at all. As Yerika and Miguel prepared to have their first baby, anxiety started to set in. "We were not prepared at all," says Yerika, "we had no clue what it would be like to be parents." The couple then joined MOMS Orange County. Together, they attended birthing classes where [Read More]

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Nurtured Mothers, Thriving Babies – Stephanie’s Story

Because of you, I am where I am. When Stephanie and her boyfriend Hector got pregnant as high school students 11 years ago, Stephanie didn't know what to do. She was recommended to MOMS Orange County and her assigned home visitor, Larissa, quickly became a vital part of her pregnancy. "I didn't know anything [Read More]

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“MOMS OC is a box of jewels for any new mother”

by Rosalinda Vargas, MOMS Orange County program participant My son was born in February this year (at 36 weeks of gestation), measuring 19 inches and weighing 5lbs 14oz. He was born healthy, and discharged two days after his birth. He then developed jaundice.  Infant jaundice occurs when baby's blood contains an excess of bilirubin, a [Read More]

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Ramsey’s Rally

Ramsey’s Birthday Gift Four-year-old Ramsey likes to celebrate his birthday by doing something for babies.  The idea began in December 2014 when Ramsey was born.  “We were really lucky to have everything we needed and thought how desperate it would be for people who couldn’t afford things for their young child,” said his mom, Andrea. [Read More]

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Nurtured Mothers, Thriving Babies – Sandra’s Story

Every new mother needs someone she can count on - and I count on MOMS Orange County.I had just given birth to my baby girl when something went wrong. I looked at my plummeting  vital signs on the monitors and thought, Oh, this is it for me." As a hospital nurse myself, I knew what [Read More]

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Happy, Healthy and on Track

Tracey Najera, center, of Costa Mesa and her 11-month-old daughter Audrey Izaguirre with Martha Arambula, left, breastfeeding coordinator at MOMS Orange County, and Pamela Pimentel, right, RN and CEO of MOMS Orange County in Santa Ana on Thursday, July 5, 2018. (Photo courtesy of Orange County Register) Tracey Najera knows the importance of [Read More]

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Meet Joel Manzo

We love to celebrate fathers at MOMS Orange County! This year, for Father's Day, we would like to put the spotlight on Joel Manzo, a hardworking and loving father of two girls, Leslie, 10, and Caroline, 6. When Joel and Crystal were expecting their first child, they participated in just about every class offered by [Read More]

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PIMCO – Champion for Babies & Families

It isn't easy to become a new parent and also to work, but PIMCO helps its employees to be successful in both areas.  Because of this, PIMCO has been named Champion for Babies and Families, a new MOMS Orange County award that recognizes outstanding support of expectant employees and those who are returning to work.  [Read More]

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