Meet the HBBF Steering Committee  Our special thanks to these wonderful volunteers from the community who are serving on the Steering Committee of Healthy Beginnings, Bright Futures: Here are some of their reasons for getting involved with MOMS Orange County: Nicole H. Dolle, Esq., Partner/Principal, RMD Law, LLP:  "After having two children of my [Read More]


Focusing on Maternal Mental Health

MOMS Orange County Receives $350K to Address Maternal Mental Health Many new and expectant parents are experiencing stress, isolation and anxiety like never before. Low-income creates further disparity. To provide added supports and access to professional care, the UniHealth Foundation has awarded MOMS Orange County a three-year, $350,000 grant to expand maternal mental health [Read More]

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Healthy Beginnings, Bright Futures

Celebrate 30 Years With Us MOMS Orange County invites you to join us at 4 p.m on May 12 when we celebrate 30 years of serving our community’s youngest members and their families during Healthy Beginnings, Bright Futures. Free to all, the virtual afternoon program will include moving client stories, a special visit with [Read More]

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Precious Gifts from the Heart

This holiday season will be that much sweeter for 131 MOMS Orange County families - 536 babies, siblings and parents - who were adopted thanks to the kindness of the community. "It was difficult for me to even think that I can give a decent holiday to my family," wrote one mother to her [Read More]

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From despair to hope

Not long ago, I lost three people I love very much: my mother, my father and then my sister.   When they died – all within the course of two years – I fell into deep despair. My heart was broken and I was in pain. I was alone most of the time because [Read More]

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Igniting Potential Results

You did it! Thanks to 189 amazing donors, $28,069 was raised for MOMS Orange County during the recent Igniting Potential campaign! We are grateful to all who supported us. A combined $454,218 was raised by the 17 agencies who were part of Igniting Potential. We would also like to thank the following who donated [Read More]

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Receiving an unexpected diagnosis

When Cristina and her husband, Richard, found out they were pregnant with their third child, they both felt excited and prepared. As a MOMS Orange County veteran, Cristina thought she knew what to expect and, this time, the support of MOMS wouldn’t be necessary. Then, the couple received shocking news. Halfway through her pregnancy, doctors [Read More]

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When your mom can’t be with you, there’s MOMS Orange County

My whole family lives in Iran and my husband’s work takes him away from home weeks at a time. When I became pregnant I was feeling very nervous, knowing I wouldn’t be able to have my mother with me when my baby arrived. A friend suggested MOMS Orange County so I immediately found them online [Read More]

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