Meet the HBBF Steering Committee

 Our special thanks to these wonderful volunteers from the community who are serving on the Steering Committee of Healthy Beginnings, Bright Futures:

Here are some of their reasons for getting involved with MOMS Orange County:

Nicole H. Dolle, Esq., Partner/Principal, RMD Law, LLP:  “After having two children of my own, I realized the amount of support expecting mothers and new mothers need during this time. This support is lacking in our society and culture here in the United States. Pre and post-natal care is not as readily available as it should be, especially for those women who live in poverty without access to health insurance. MOMS’ mission to support these women and babies who are at higher risk of developing complications, both mentally and physically, will not only have a direct impact on those families it supports, but also positively impact our community and society at large. ”

Leah Gaffney, Becton Dickinson, Staff R&D Engineer; MOMS Junior Board Member:  “I am involved with MOMS OC to support healthy births and families in my community and because I’m inspired by the mission to help families start off strong. ”

Sara Farsani, Realtor, Farsani Group:  “I heard about MOMS Orange County through The New Mom School and immediately felt connected to your non-profit organization. Knowing that families have a circle of support at their fingertips brings my heart so much joy.  MOMS Orange County’s mission to help mothers and families have healthy babies means so much to me. Being a new mom can be a very beautiful but also lonely and scary place. Knowing that moms have a safe place to go to, warms my heart.”

Leslie Alcorn, Melrose Elementary Lunch Supervisor; Retired Businesswoman:  “I was introduced to MOMS Orange County through my son who is employed at MOMS as their grant writer.  When he shared their mission to reach vunerable mothers beginning in pregnancy and continuing through the baby’s 1st year of life, I said this is something I want to be a part of.  It has been such an amazing experience for me.  The people at MOMS are absolutely incredible.  Watching how they help to educate the soon-to-be parents and the whole family after the baby is born all through the 1st year.  It is awesome to see how they are making such a strong impact in these families.  Their mission of surrounding disadvantaged, vulnerable families with education and support during this all important time is their lives is so needed today.  Helping build a strong foundation for the child’s future as well as a strong foundation for the whole