MOMS Orange County is excited to expand its Health Education program to include Vietnamese-language Breastfeeding, Gestational Diabetes and Mommy & Me developmental activities classes. The group classes are taught by Vietnamese Home Visitors and Health Educators Becky Vo and Annie Nguyen. The group classes complement Home Visitation program services for the Vietnamese community and also correlate with the Board of Directors plans to extend core services to all three major language groups served (English, Spanish and Vietnamese). The Vietnamese classes align with MOMS Orange County’s commitment to promoting positive health behaviors and empowering all families to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

Here’s to your health! Chúc suc khoe!

Click the links below for pictures from MOMS Vietnamese classes:

Vietnamese Mommy & Me

Vietnamese Breastfeeding

For more information on the Home Visitation program and Health Education classes for Vietnamese clients, please contact Becky Vo at (714) 352-3439.

Did you know…?

  • Three of the four cities in the U.S. with the highest relative percentage of Vietnamese residents (Westminster, Garden Grove, and Fountain Valley) are located in OrangeCounty?*
  • Vietnamese are the 4th largest Asian ethnic group in Southern California?*

Did you also know…?

  • Vietnamese are one of the most linguistically isolated major Asian subgroup (37% of Vietnamese live in linguistically isolated households). Approximately 18% of Vietnamese Americans in OrangeCounty reported difficulty communicating with their doctors. **
  • In the Report on the Home Visitation Program of MOMS Orange County, 2009-2010, it was found that Vietnamese clients were more likely to enroll already having gestational diabetes; Vietnam-born clients were more likely to develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy; and on average, Vietnamese clients tended to be older in age (risk factor).

*US Census, 2010

**The Health Status of Asians and Pacific Islanders in OrangeCounty, 2010; Orange County Heath Needs Assessment