This holiday season will be that much sweeter for 131 MOMS Orange County families 536 babies, siblings and parents – who were adopted thanks to the kindness of the community.

“It was difficult for me to even think that I can give a decent holiday to my family,” wrote one mother to her donor. “But you guys came to help and thanks to God now I can say to my kids and my family we are going to enjoy Christmas.”

The stories reflect the hard realities faced by families: One family has a toddler newly diagnosed with kidney cancer. Another is a mother so anxious she fears leaving her house.

One mom wrote: “Thank you for the donations. It’s been super hard since the passing of my baby’s father. This means the world to us to receive so much kindness.”

“I have been a single mom since the day I found out I was pregnant,” wrote another mom. “My baby and I will really benefit from your donation. We are very grateful. God bless you and your family.”

Another adopted family is a young, 20-year-old mother who took the brave step of leaving a domestic violence situation, an act that would be considered unusual in her culture.

On behalf of the entire team at MOMS Orange County, we thank all those who generously gave of their hearts this holiday season and we wish you a bounty of happiness in return.

To learn how you could support a vulnerable mother today or to participate in next year’s Adopt-A-Family (AAF) holiday program, please email