As part of their 10th Anniversary, the Children & Families Commission of Orange County has spotlighted a number of Orange County families in their “Grow Up Great: Early Investments Yielding a lifetime of benefits” Campaign.  Check out MOMS 2010 Client Mother of the Year, Nancy, and her son Ricky, in this month’s issue of OC Family or click here to access the online version (page 42).

0-5 Funding At Risk

One-third of MOMS annual budget comes from the Children & Families Commission of Orange County through Prop 10 funding.  Recently, due to the state budget crisis, this funding is in danger of being cut or eliminated.  Subsequently, this would mean a dramatic loss in services for all commission-funded organizations serving children 0-5 years in our community, including MOMS.  Read more about this issue (click here) or go here to see how Orange County may be impacted (Children & Families Commission of Orange County’s 2009-2010 Summary Annual Report).

How You Can Help- Ask your elected officials to protect Prop. 10 funding. Click here for more information about your legislature.